Do you ship a product?

As part of the smooth process of our transactions, we undertake the delivery of the order in the space you wish, without limitation in the volume and weight of the order.

What are the ways of receiving?

You can get your products from our stores. We send you the products to your place, by courier

What are the delivery days and times?

Days and hours of delivery from our stores are from Monday to Friday from 9am until 8 pm In the case of courier services, you will be notified by the courier company for the exact day and time.

Do I need to confirm my transaction?

Make your order and we will ship it to you the next business day after payment or fax notification when depositing into a bank account and if there is sufficient stock.

What are the ways of payment?

1. Payment and receipt at our store.

2. By paying the price of your order when delivering the product to your chosen location.

3. With a VISA or MASTERCARD or EUROLINE credit card issued by any bank. In this case, and for your own security you should be present to receive your order with you with the credit card you made your order and your identity.

4. Deposit by bank account. In this case, your order will be sent to you by sending us by fax to 24310 28876 regarding SITE the nominal deposit, to which must be stated the order number (the delivery time starts from the date of the deposit).

Which banks can I pay for?

The bank account to which you can deposit the money is:

• Eurobank: (IBAN) GR0502601230000900200558059

Do I receive a retail receipt or invoice?

You are given the option to choose whether the document to be issued for your order will be a retail receipt or a sales invoice. An invoice is issued to companies and freelancers, provided that upon completion of the order they complete the following information: Name of the company, VAT registration number, Tax office, Head office and profession for self-employed persons.